The Restful Jaw


Invented by a dentist, for dentists, The Restful Jaw is an external support device that is clinically proven to minimize jaw pain during and after dental procedures.

The Restful Jaw supports and stabilizes the patient's mandible for you and your assistant. By using The Restful Jaw, you will be able to work faster with fewer breaks, free your assistants from holding the jaw to do other tasks, and provide comfort and lessen your patients' fears of exacerbating jaw pain during and after dental treatments.

By using bite blocks with the device, you can realize further precision in your treatment. The device is fully adjustable and easily fitted to the patient. It's built to last, and easily cleaned with standard clinical disinfectant wipes.

Made and assembled in USA. 


Discount are available for 3 or more units. Please contact us directly at if you are interested in ordering 3+ units.

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